Turbocharger remanufacturing

Turbocharger remanufacturing
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The turbocharger increases engine power without increasing its capacity. However, contamination, insufficient amount of oil, its poor quality or improper car use may cause damage to the turbocharger. The turbocharger is a complicated device and is therefore very expensive. It can be reconditioned but its life span after reconditioning is three times shorter than that of a new one.

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  • When reconditioning the turbocharger, make sure you have the engine oil, oil and air filters changed too
  • Turbocharger reconditioning is also a good opportunity to check the other elements of the turbo-charging system
  • If you drive your car mainly in the city, take a minute to cool the turbocharger down before you switch off the engine
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Range of services

  • Removing the turbocharger
  • Disassembling it
  • Thorough cleaning of its components
  • Checking them in terms of damage and wear
  • Replacing worn components with new ones
  • Changing all gaskets, rings, o-rings and joints
  • Balancing some of the components
  • Reassembling the turbocharger
  • Testing it
  • Fitting the turbocharger in the engine chamber

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