Headlamps renovation

Headlamps renovation
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The role of the headlamps is to shape and direct the light generated by the filaments such as to optimally illuminate the area in front of the car. Therefore, the headlamps must be comprised of closely cooperating components, such as the cover, the reflector, the lens, the filament/bulb mounts, the housing together with the mechanism adjusting the light beam angle, height, concentration, etc. Failure of any of these components may disturb the entire mechanism and result in improper illumination of the road. Consequently, you may blind the drivers coming from the opposite direction. Although the modern headlamps are very compact, they can still be disassembled to recondition or replace their components.

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  • Do not use detergents to clean the headlamps
  • If the headlamps are fogged up, it means that moisture leaks into them
  • If you drive with faulty headlamps you risk a fine
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Range of services

  • Removing the headlamps
  • Checking their components
  • Reconditioning the reflectors
  • Polishing the covers (removing the mat layer and scratches)
  • Fitting the headlamps back in place
  • Adjusting the light beam in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations

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