Starter remanufacturing

Starter remanufacturing

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The starter is an electrical motor which starts the car's engine. It uses the electrical power stored in the battery to start the engine upon turning the key or pressing the "start" button. In addition to the standard components that comprise an electrical motor, the starter includes a planetary gear, a coil and a bendix. If the starter breaks down or malfunctions, you will have problems starting the engine or be unable to do it at all. The starter can be reconditioned, which is a much cheaper solution than buying a new one, especially if your car is old.

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  • If the time needed to start the engine is longer than normally or you have problems starting it, it means that the starter is worn
  • Avoid cranking the engine for too long at a time as this may affect the starter
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Range of services

  • Removing the starter
  • Replacing the worn components with new ones: brushes, bushings, bearing, bendix etc.
  • Testing the starter on a dynamometer stand
  • Fitting the reconditioned starter back in the car

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