Temperature sensor replacement

Temperature sensor replacement

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The temperature sensor, also referred to as the thermistor, is located in the cooling system. Its resistance changes depend on the engine temperature. It is not repairable and requires replacing if it fails. The sensor's resistance changes are reflected by the indications of the temperature gauge on the car's dashboard. If the sensor fails, the temperature gauge will not indicate a too high temperature of the engine, which may result in its overheating.

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  • The sensor should always be replaced together with its gasket
  • Do not ignore the temperature gauge
  • If the sensor brakes down, always have it replaced with a new one
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Range of services

  • Releasing the coolant from the system
  • Disconnecting the sensor from the electrical system
  • Removing the sensor from the cylinder head or a hose, depending on the car
  • Fitting a new sensor in and connecting it to the electrical system
  • Refilling the system with the coolant

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