Subwoofer fitting

Subwoofer fitting

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The car subwoofer enhances the low-pitched frequencies, i.e. the bass. For best effect, subwoofers are fitted as low in the car as possible (under the seats, in the trunk or in the lower part of the doors). If your car radio is not equipped with a special subwoofer link, you have to apply a dedicated amplifier. The majority of the modern car audio systems can be extended to accommodate a subwoofer.

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  • Have your subwoofer installed by a professional car audio garage
  • Choose a subwoofer whose parameters match your car radio and the size of your car
  • Apply only subwoofers which come with a material safety data sheet and the right parameters
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Fitting a subwoofer in Connecting it to the radio and an additional power source * Fitting the right cables in

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