Aerial fitting

Aerial fitting

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To ensure that your car GPS receiver/transmitter, cell phone, FM/AM or CB radio operate properly you need a special antenna allowing for wireless communication between particular car devices and central receivers/transmitters or devices in other users' cars. A well chosen and tuned antenna will ensure effective communication in the hardest terrain and in adverse weather conditions. An additional antenna amplifies the received/transmitted signal and improves wireless communication between particular devices.

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  • Buy an antenna recommended by the manufacturer of the devices with which it is to communicate
  • A wrongly chosen or tuned antenna will deteriorate the communication between your devices
  • If you install a CB radio on your own but fail to calibrate the antenna properly, the quality of the received/transmitted signal will deteriorate significantly
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Range of services

  • Installation of an antenna inside the car on its body
  • Routing a suitable cable
  • Tuning the antenna to the car receiver/transmitter

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