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Towing tongue fitting

Towing tongue fitting
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A towbar can be used to tow a trailer or carry a bike rack. If it doesn't come as a standard feature, you can install it on your own. To do this, you need to choose a towbar dedicated for your car model so that it fits in the mounting points provided. After installing a towbar you need to connect it to the car's electrical system. Next, you have to visit a car inspection garage to obtain a type approval confirmation and a document allowing you to drive with a towbar on.

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  • Choose a towbar dedicated for your car model
  • Each manufacturer has their own installation guide
  • A towbar should be connected to the car's electrical system
  • Remember to visit a car inspection garage to obtain a type approval confirmation and a document allowing you to drive with a towbar on
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Range of services

  • Preparing a towbar for installation
  • Fixing it to the car's structural elements
  • Protecting it against corrosion
  • Connecting it to the electrical system

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Service description

What is the role of a tow bar?

A tow bar can increase your car's loading capacity as it allows you to tow a trailer or carry bikes on a bike rack mounted on it. Modern tow bars are carefully designed devices. Some of them are retractable, i.e. they can be hidden under the chassis when not used. Some of them come with a detachable ball and are protected against theft by means of a lock.

How is a tow bar fitted?

Fitting a tow bar may take a few hours. A tow bar set must be chosen for a particular car type, as it is attached to the car's frame. The mounting points are carefully marked by the manufacturer. A tow bar is fitted by means of strong bolts which come with a tow bar set. You should make sure that the holes drilled in the body are properly protected against corrosion.

Apart from the tow bar, you have to attach the power socket in order to provide power to a trailer. The socket should be fitted by an expert in order to minimize interference with the car's electrical system. In the case of modern cars equipped with a CAN bus, a wrongly fitted tow bar will most likely cause a failure.

What to keep in mind?

We recommend buying a tow bar from a reputed manufacturer, as well as having it fitted by a professional garage for your safety and convenience.

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