Road assistance / breakdown service

Road assistance / breakdown service
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A car collision or malfunction cannot be predicted, but you can at least anticipate them and be prepared to handle such situations without panicking and making a lot of mistakes that may cost you dearly.

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  • Make sure no one stays in your car when transported by a roadside assistance operator
  • When calling a roadside assistance operator give them details of your whereabouts, e.g. the name of the nearest town, road number or a marker post number
  • Make sure you get the receipt in order to show it to your insurance company to get a refund of the towing costs
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Range of services

  • Securing the site
  • Turning the emergency lights on and placing a warning triangle on the road
  • Calling road assistance
  • Loading and securing a damaged or broken car
  • Transporting it to the nearest garage or any other place indicated by the owner

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