Radiator fan replacement

Radiator fan replacement

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The radiator fan forces air to flow through the radiator and decrease the temperature of the coolant while the car is stationary (e.g. in a traffic jam). A broken fan should be replaced as soon as possible. Otherwise, the engine will not be cooled properly and may fail. A malfunctioning fan may fall apart, damaging the radiator and other devices. The fan replacement procedure depends on how the fan is powered and accessed. In some cars it is necessary to remove the headlamps, the front bumper or the radiator cover.

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  • If the fan fails, increase the temperature and the ventilation to the maximum and try to reach the nearest garage
  • When having the fan replaced, check if the failure wasn't caused by a small leak from the radiator or another element of the cooling system
  • If your car has problems with proper cooling, the first thing to do is check the coolant level
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Removing an electric fan: Disconnecting the power supply Removing the fan * Fitting a new fan

Removing a fan driven by a belt from the engine: Removing the bolt holding the fan and its clutch to the pulley
Removing the fan * Fitting a new fan

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