Window regulator repair

Window regulator repair
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Both the manual and the electric window lift mechanism is comprised of a system of wires, guides and levers which wear with time. If the mechanism is broken, the window may slant, drop down suddenly or get jammed.

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  • A broken window lift mechanism may damage your window
  • Replacing the mechanism is time-consuming as the mechanism is difficult to access
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Range of services

  • Protecting the window against falling out
  • Removing the door panel
  • Repairing the mechanism or replacing it with a new one
  • Fitting the door panel back in place
  • Adjusting/programming the window operation

Car workshops: Window regulator repair

Service description

Where is the window mechanism located?

The car window mechanism is located inside the door. It can be operated manually, by means of a crank, or electrically. Irrespective of whether it is manual or powered by an electrical motor, the mechanism is comprised of a complex system of bars and wires which move the window up and down inside the window guides in the door.

When should the mechanism be replaced?

If it fails, the window may tilt and get jammed or stuck in an open position. In extreme cases, the mechanism wires may break causing the window to drop to the bottom of the door and break.

How is the mechanism removed and replaced?

We suggest repairing a faulty mechanism as soon as possible. To this end, you will need a new mechanism or, if possible, a repair kit. Next, you should remove the door trim in order to gain access to the window lock and lift bar.

You may have to remove the mounting board to which the window mechanism is attached. The whole process requires knowledge about how the door of a given car model is built in order to avoid damaging any of the holding elements or the window itself. A new mechanism requires adjusting.

What to keep in mind?

After putting all the door elements back together, carefully check if the mechanism operates properly.

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