Central locking servomotor replacement

Central locking servomotor replacement
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If a door or the trunk won't open after deactivating the central lock, it means that the lock's actuator has broken down. If this happens, you have to repair it. The repair or replacement process is very similar in the case of most cars and is not very complicated either. To do it however, you need to remove the door panels.

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  • Removing the actuator may require using specialist tools
  • To avoid damaging the actuator in new-type cars you should check the central lock first by means of diagnostic computer
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Range of services

  • Removing the door or trunk panels
  • Removing the actuator and the lock components
  • Fitting a new actuator in
  • Fitting the door or trunk panels back in place

Car workshops: Central locking servomotor replacement

Service description

What is the role of the central lock?

The central lock may be fitted in cars in which it was not originally installed. The central lock is a very convenient device as it allows you to lock or unlock all doors by pressing a single button on your remote.

How is the central lock fitted?

The following is needed to fit the central lock: actuators, electrical cables, control unit and remote controls. The actuators are fitted inside the door after removing the door trim. Next, by means of the cables, they are connected to the central unit, usually located in the fuse box area.

What to keep in mind?

Remember to carefully choose the actuators to make sure that they will fit in your car model. The central lock system may be extended by motion or shock detectors, as well as a siren.

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