Turbocharger replacement

Turbocharger replacement

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The turbocharger forces additional air into the combustion engine to increase its power and performance. If may fail as a result of insufficient amount of oil, oil contamination, putting wrong oil into the system or as a result of air or exhaust gas contamination. It also fails due to wear.

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  • Regular replacement of oil, oil and air filters helps extend the life span of the turbine
  • When replacing the turbocharger you should have all of the turbocharger system elements inspected
  • Straining your engine before it worms up reduces the life span of the turbocharger
  • If you drive your car mainly in the city, take a minute to cool the turbocharger down before you switch off the engine
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Range of services

  • Removing the elements obstructing access to the turbocharger
  • Disconnecting the intake and oil hoses
  • Removing the exhaust manifold
  • Cleaning the entire intake system
  • Replacing the EGR valve
  • Replacing the intercooler with a new one (recommended)
  • Fitting a new turbocharger in
  • Replacing worn gaskets with new ones
  • Changing the oil and air filters
  • Checking the intake system for leaks

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