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If your car is not working they way it should be, makes strange and disturbing noises, the engine is working unevenly or there's something wrong with the brakes, it means that one of the systems is malfunctioning. If you are not able to tell the failure yourself, visit a garage to have your car diagnosed. If you decide to have your car repaired in given garage, the cost of the diagnosis will be deducted from the cost of the repair.

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  • The cost of a repair is determined based on precise identification of a failure
  • Diagnosing a failure without a computer is impossible in the case of modern-type cars
  • A car is like a human body - ignoring smaller failures may cause a major malfunction
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Range of services

  • Inspecting the technical condition of a car
  • Computer diagnostics
  • Diagnostic report for the customer

Car workshops: Diagnosis

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