Radiator fan coupling (visco) replacement

Radiator fan coupling (visco) replacement
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The fan forces the air to flow between the radiator ribs when the car is stationary but the engine still needs cooling. In order to prevent the fan from being constantly on, it is equipped with a viscous coupling, located on the fan hub, right by the radiator, which heats it up. When the coupling reaches a predetermined temperature, it activates the fan. If it fails, the fan won't be activated when the car is stationary and the engine needs cooling, which may cause its elements to overheat.

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  • Dust and other contaminants may cause vibrations on the fan while turning it on
  • Check the technical condition of the fan coupling, especially before the summer, when the engine is exposed to high temperatures and is harder to cool
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Range of services

  • Releasing the belt tensioner
  • Removing the drive belt from the fan's pulley
  • Unscrewing the fan and the coupling from the pulley
  • Unscrewing the coupling from the fan
  • Fitting a new coupling in
  • Screwing the coupling to the fan and the pulley
  • Fitting the belt on the pulley

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