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InterCars GO activation

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InterCars GO activation
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InterCars GO is a comprehensive solution for drivers. It’s based on remote diagnostics and car workshop services, which helps the driver better manage all the duties connected with the car and gives him the pleasure of driving.

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Before visiting car workshop, install Inter Cars GO app available in the Google Play Store - Remember that the diagnostic device is installed only in selected workshops cooperating with Inter Cars - list - To activate the service, select one of the subscription models: here> - The service applies to selected car models, check if your car is on this list: here (the car must be manufactured after 2004) - The diagnostic device in connection with the Inter Cars GO mobile application is a guarantee of safe driving wherever you are. This is your car's live diagnostics, showing trouble codes as soon as they occur.
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Range of services

- Installation of the diagnostic device (OBD II)
- Activation of Assistance insurance for Poland valid for 1 year
- Car inspection - 18 checkpoints
- Preparation of a maintenance plan for your car
- Activation of the Inter Cars GO service

Car workshops: InterCars GO activation

Service description

To activate Inter Cars GO service you have to both download the mobile app available in the Google Play Store and visit one of our partner car workshops to install a diagnostic device in your car.

These elements will allow you to use the remote diagnostics and live monitoring of the car’s condition. The installation is made by fully qualified mechanics. You will find the list of our partner car workshops here.

The installation of the diagnostic device is very simple and will take no more than 10 minutes. It’s all about putting the device into the diagnostic port in your car. After pairing the device with the app (via Bluetooth, after starting the engine) you will have the access to all app features. All information collected in it will be sent to Inter Cars ecosystem. Thanks to this, our consultants and your car workshop supervisor will be able to see any technical problems with your car and offer immediate support.

The place where the diagnostic device should be located in the car is under the dashboard. Depending on the model of the car, it can be sometimes located in different places.

What’s more, during the visit to a car workshop, the mechanic will lead a free inspection of your car. It is a basis to prepare your car’s maintenance plan with the list of all essential to-dos to guarantee you a safe ride and full control over the car.

The scope of the car inspection:

  1. Vehicle lighting control
  2. Wiper condition control
  3. Checking the oil level
  4. Checking the brake fluid level
  5. Checking the coolant level
  6. Oil level control in the power steering system
  7. Control of the washer fluid level
  8. Verification of visible engine leaks
  9. Checking tire pressure
  10. Determining tire condition including tread height
  11. Suspension control (e.g. loose bearings, oil leaks in shock absorbers)
  12. Steering control
  13. Checking the condition of brake pads and discs - front and rear
  14. Check the condition of the brake system cables
  15. Drive system control - condition of joint covers, connections
  16. Exhaust system check - condition and tightness
  17. Battery status check and charging test
  18. Checking the validity of the fire extinguisher


What information will be read and displayed in the app? Among others in the standard:

- Battery status and monitoring (and relevant warnings)

- Mileage (the basis of the maintenance plan)

- Car diagnostics during its operation (trouble codes)

- Additional data such as fuel level and air pressure belong to the scope of advanced diagnostics. However, it should be noted that advanced diagnostics are not available for all car models. You can verify the availability of the service before purchase here.

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