Glow plugs replacement

Glow plugs replacement
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Glow plugs serve as a starting aid for cold diesel engines. The glow plugs heat the air in the ignition chamber and thus helps ignite the diesel fuel injected into the chamber. If the glow plugs are used up, the engine will not be able to start in certain cases (at temperatures below 0 ° C) or will burn much more fuel while driving. A typical symptom of a glow plug's malfunction or wear is a problem when starting the engine at low temperatures in winter, constant blinking of the check engine light on the control panel when trying to start the car, and in newer cars, switching the car to safe-mode when starting it.

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  • Glow plugs are usually found in sets of four or more pieces
  • Only use glow plugs from reputable manufacturers
  • Replacing one glow plug is ineffective, so you should always replace the whole set
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Range of services

  • Diagnostics
  • Removing the defective glow plugs
  • Installation of the new glow plugs
  • Starting the engine
  • Test drive

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