Adaptive cruise control system (ACC) calibration

Adaptive cruise control system (ACC) calibration
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The adaptive cruise control system (ACC) does not provide full autonomy, it enables automatic adjustment of vehicle speed and distance from vehicles in front of the vehicle.

Control is based on information from the onboard sensor which instructs the vehicle to brake when it detects the traffic ahead and to accelerate to the desired speed when the traffic allows it to.

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  • Connect the diagnostic tool to read DTC errors
  • Read DTC errors referring to ACC radar sensor
  • Calibrate the ACC radar
  • Check if DTC errors are cleared from the diagnostic tool

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    When the calibration is needed?

    Adaptive cruise control system calibration is needed when:

    • The forward radar sensor has been replaced
    • The front bumper or grille has been removed or reinstalled
    • Structural repairs have been made to the vehicles front end
    • The height of the chassis has been adjusted

    What kind of adaptive cruise control system types are there?

    • Laser-based systems
    • Radar-based systems
    • Single radar systems