Anti slip systems - ASR, ESP, DSR, RSC, VSA

Anti slip systems - ASR, ESP, DSR, RSC, VSA
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Service Anti-slip systems - ASR, ESP, DSR, RSC, VSA. The basic idea behind the need for a traction control system is the loss of road grip that compromises steering control and stability of vehicles because of the difference in traction of the drive wheels.

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Car workshops: Anti slip systems - ASR, ESP, DSR, RSC, VSA

Service description

ASR - Antriebsschlupfregelung or in English TCS – Traction Control System. Also called traction control. This system is designed to prevent the drive wheels from slipping, which is useful when moving on slippery surfaces.

ESP or ESC (Electronic Stability Program or Electronic Stability Control) Is an electronic vehicle stability control system. Its basic working principle is very simple. Braking a particular wheel affects the movement and drift of a car in a curve or when suddenly changing direction.

DSR – Downhill Speed Regulation. The DSR assists in all gearbox positions when driving downhill, such as in the field or at construction sites. By targeting the brake, the DSR helps you maintain the preset speed downhill. Keeping up to speed depends on the condition of the roadway and downhill, so it is not guaranteed in all situations. Choose the speed that is tailored to your environmental conditions and apply the brakes yourself if necessary. The DSR cannot take into account road and weather conditions, as well as traffic conditions. DSR is just an aid. You are responsible for safety clearance, speed, and timely braking.

RSC – Roll Stability Control. It is an active safety system that reduces the risk of overturning of passenger vehicles in some critical maneuvers, such as sudden turns and abrupt steering. This system is especially useful for vehicles with a high center of gravity (C.G.) like SUVs, as they are more prone to overturning.

VSA – Vehicle Stability Assist. It is a vehicle stability aid system, it helps to stabilize the vehicle during turns if the car turns more or less than desired. The system helps you keep traction on slippery surfaces by regulating engine power and selective braking.

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