Intake manifold replacement

Intake manifold replacement
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The inlet manifold provides air to the cylinder. The contaminants settling on its walls may affect the quantity of air in the cylinder and result in a wrong composition of the air/fuel mix. Intake manifolds, especially plastic ones, are exposed to overheating (they may meld down) and, in the case of LPG engines, they may suffer from an explosion of the air/fuel mix and, consequently, be damaged. A leaking inlet manifold may affect the operation of the flow meter or the EGR valve and result in increased fuel consumption.

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  • when having the inlet manifold replaced don't forget to have the air filter changed, too
  • modifying the inlet system is the easiest and quite a simple method of increasing engine power
  • check the condition of the inlet manifold, especially if your car has an LPG-powered engine
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Range of services

  • disconnecting the air hoses
  • removing the devices attached to the manifold
  • removing the manifold and the gaskets
  • fitting the gaskets and the manifold
  • fitting the the previously removed devices back on the manifold
  • reconnecting the air hoses

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