Tie rod end replacement

Tie rod end replacement

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Track rod ends fail more often than any other element of the steering gear. Their proper operation is very important as you depend on them for your safety and comfort of driving. Play in the ball joint of a track rod end will cause vibrations of the steering wheel and less precise operation of the steering gear. If this is the case, you should have the track rod ends replaced. It is also a good opportunity to check the other elements of the steering gear and the suspension.

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  • Track rod ends should be replaced in pairs
  • High quality products last longer and ensure better comfort of driving
  • Have your wheels aligned each time you have the track rod ends replaced.
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Removing the broken track rod end
  • Fitting a new track rod end in
  • Wheel alignment

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    What is the role of the tip rod?

    Tie Rod End is a very important part of the steering system, providing a combination of the steering wheel with the steering, and thus directly affecting the safety of driving. The tip of the rod comprises a flexible element, called ball joint, which allows movement of the wheel suspension and steering torsion relative to stationary mounted in a vehicle steering gear.

    How do you replace the cap rod?

    This is the ball joint is an element whose consumption manifested loose tie rod end qualifies for replacement. This operation is to lift the car, removing the wheels, removing the tie rod end from the steering wheel and the steering rod. Then, in place of the new terminal is installed.

    What else remember?

    At the occasion of the exchange have a look at other elements of the steering system, as they have similar life to yourself. The failure of one of them testifies to the upcoming fault others. You should also check the rubber guard tie rod and, if necessary, replace them with new ones.

    After replacing the tip rod is necessary to check and adjust wheel alignment on the bench to support the suspension geometry.