Steering gear replacement

Steering gear replacement
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The steering rack links the track rods of both front wheels and transforms the rotational motion of the driving wheel into the linear motion of the track rods, allowing the wheels to turn. If you detect play or leakage on the steering rack, have it repaired or replaced. A malfunctioning steering rack is noisy and pollutes the environment with the oil leaking out of it. In the worst case scenario the wheels may lock and you may end up crashing your car.

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  • A test drive must be performed after replacing the steering rack
  • The most frequent cause of a steering rack failure is driving on a rough terrain with the wheels turned
  • Low-profile tyres and turning the wheels while the car is stationary also affect the steering rack
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Range of services

  • Removing the front wheels
  • Disconnecting the track rod ends from the knuckles
  • Disconnecting the hydraulic hoses running from the power steering pump to the steering rack
  • Removing the braces holding the steering rack to the body
  • Removing the steering rack
  • Fitting a new steering rack in
  • Fitting new rubber pads
  • Refilling the steering gear with fresh lubricant
  • Aligning the wheels

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