Rubber boot replacement, steering knuckle

Rubber boot replacement, steering knuckle

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The steering rack is a very precise system that needs to be protected against external factors. A flexible housing protects it against water, sand and dust, extending its useful life. To do so, however, it has to be maintained in a perfect condition. Any crack or abrasion is a sign that the housing needs changing. Otherwise, the system will leak the lubricant and its elements will fail. Changing the housing on older cars is not very complicated nor time consuming, unlike on new cars.

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  • check the condition of the flexible housing during each periodical check-up in order to avoid costly repair of the steering rack
  • If in a good condition, the housing reduces the risk of serious damage to the steering rack
  • the housings wear very rarely, so it pays off to invest in branded products here
  • remember to have your wheels aligned after each repair of the steering system
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Removing the track rod ends
  • removing the flexible housing from the steering rack
  • fitting a new housing
  • Refitting the track rod ends
  • Refitting the wheels
  • Wheel alignment

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