Axle shaft sealer replacement

Axle shaft sealer replacement
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If you notice an oil leak around the internal joint of the half-shaft, it means that the half-shaft seal needs replacing. Do not ignore a leaking simmering, as it may cause a serious depletion of oil in the gear box and seriously affect operation of the entire transmission gear. The seal is rather easy to replace, however, you need to remove the half-shaft first, which requires disassembling elements of the suspension.

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  • If you notice an oil leak around the internal joint, you should immediately replace the half-shaft seal
  • Products by reputed manufacturers have a significantly longer useful life than no-name products
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Range of services

  • Removing the wheels
  • Removing elements of the suspension
  • Removing the half-shaft
  • Replacing the seal
  • Fitting a new half-shaft in
  • Refitting the elements of the suspension
  • Refitting the wheels

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Service description

What is the half-shaft seal and when does it need replacing?

The half-shaft seal is fitted in the differential gear housing. It embraces the half-shaft in order to prevent the leakage of fluid from the differential gear. As the half-shaft rotates continually inside the seal during motoring, the seal gradually wears, causing the fluid to leak from the differential gear, which may result in a decrease in the level of the lubricant and a malfunction of the entire drive transmission unit.

How is the half-shaft seal replaced?

A leakage of the fluid from the seal is an indication that the latter requires changing. But first, the half-shaft must be removed. To do this, you should disassemble the suspension in order to remove the spline of the external half-shaft joint from the hub. Next, you should remove the half-shaft from the differential gear and slide it out.

This way you gain access to the seal. In cars equipped with a rear wheel drive comprised of a rigid bridge, the half-shaft must be slid out of the bridge sheath, at the end of which the seal is located. A new seal is fitted in the reverse order.

What to keep in mind

After replacing the seal, it is important to check the level of the fluid and, if necessary, add it to the drive transmission unit, as the faulty seal may have caused its leakage, and, if not sufficiently lubricated, the unit's mechanisms may be easily damaged.

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