Differential oil change

Differential oil change

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Lubrication of particular elements, removing excess heat, decreasing vibrations and noise, protection against corrosion and ageing - all this is taken care of by the differential oil. This is why it is very important to replace it regularly. The right oil in the right amount ensures longer operation of the differential, which is exposed to large loads. Differential oil replacement is easy and inexpensive. Therefore, you should always use high-quality oils recommended by the manufacturer.

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  • use only the oil recommended by the manufacturer
  • inspect the differential gear - if it is leaking oil, it must be changed
  • in the case of off-road cars or cars with a rear drive changing the differential oil is the basic procedure to be performed during each periodical check-up
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Range of services

  • removing the bottom drain plug from the differential gear
  • removing spent oil
  • topping the differential gear up with oil
  • Checking the oil level

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