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Transmission fluid and filter replacement in automatic transmission

Transmission fluid and filter replacement in automatic transmission
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Automatic transmission is the second most expensive and technologically advanced element of the car next to the engine. You should remember to remove the used fluid from it and replace it with a new one of appropriate parameters. Neglecting or postponing an automatic transmission fluid and filter change may result in serious consequences and costly repairs. Changing an automatic transmission fluid requires special conditions and tools, hence the best thing to do is to have it done during comprehensive check-ups as recommended by the manufacturer.

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  • The very first fluid and filter change should be performed after 100 thousand kilometres, and then after each next 30 thousand kilometres.
  • Always buy the fluid recommended by the manufacturer
  • Changing the transmission fluid should always be accompanied by changing the filter and the fluid pan gasket
  • A frequent cause of transmission fluid leaks is a worn filter or seal.
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Range of services

  • Unscrewing the drain plug
  • Removing the fluid from the transmission
  • Replacing the drain plug gasket and screwing the plug back in place with appropriate force
  • Refilling the transmission with an appropriate amount of new fluid

Car workshops: Transmission fluid and filter replacement in automatic transmission

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