Pump injector units replacement

Pump injector units replacement

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Unit injectors combine the injection pump and the injector in a single component. Unit injectors supply the right amount of sprayed fuel under the right pressure into the engine cylinder. Unit injectors are very sensitive to poor quality fuel and contaminants in the fuel system. Their failure may also be caused by wrong engine oil.

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  • unit injectors should always be changed together with the fuel filter
  • use only good quality fuel
  • avoid driving on fuel reserve
  • use only the oil recommended for engines equipped with unit injectors
  • have the unit injectors handled only by a proven garage
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Range of services

  • removing the engine cover
  • disassembling the camshaft and securing the timing belt against contaminants
  • unscrewing the bolt holding the unit cylinders
  • removing the unit cylinders
  • cleaning the unit injector sockets
  • changing the bolt holding the levers and o-rings
  • fitting new unit injectors in
  • adjusting the unit injectors
  • refitting the previously removed components

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