Fuel tank replacement

Fuel tank replacement
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The role of the fuel tank need not be explained. Its failure may be caused by either mechanical damage or as a result of corrosion. The fuel tank is usually located in the rear of the car. Its removal or repair requires removing the braces holding the tank to the car and disconnecting the fuel intake system.

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  • The fuel tank corrosion may be caused by a poor quality fuel
  • Corrosion may also set in if you use your car only occasionally, i.e. when it remains stationary most of the time.
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Range of services

  • Disconnecting the battery
  • Draining the fuel tank
  • Disconnecting the fuel hoses
  • Removing the tank and replacing it with a new one

Car workshops: Fuel tank replacement

Service description

The fuel tank is usually situated in the rear, under the trunk floor. The tank requires replacing or repairing if any of the following happens: it is exposed to mechanical damage or corrosion, the fuel pump needs replacing or too many contaminant have settled at the bottom of the tank.

Like in the case of any other fuel system repair, the car battery must be disconnected. The tank can be removed after unscrewing special mounting braces. The tank should be emptied of fuel in order to facilitate its removal.

After removing the tank, the fuel hoses and electrical cables running to the pump must be disconnected. A new tank is fitted in the reverse order. If the tank you are having fitted is not new, ensure that it is free from any contaminants and, if necessary, rinse it out.

A good idea is to check the condition of the mounting bands and their screws for any signs of corrosion and damage to the thread.

To keep the fuel tank in a good condition, always use good quality fuel and remember to fill it up if you're not going to use your car for a while - this way you will prevent the tank from gathering moisture and its internal walls from corrosion.

Moisture may get into fuel and cause the pump to break down and the filter to clog.

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