Fuel system repair

Fuel system repair
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The fuel system provides the cylinders with fuel needed to form a fuel-air mixture. It is comprised of a large number of components (fuel injectors, injection rail, hoses, filters, fuel tank), the most important of which are the injectors, responsible for dosing the right amount of fuel. Damage to the system is usually caused by a poor quality fuel.

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  • have the fuel filter changed regularly, even more regularly than recommended by the manufacturer
  • buy fuel only at proven petrol stations
  • avoid driving on fuel reserve
  • if you smell fuel inside the car, check the system for leaks
  • even if only one injector fails, have all of them replaced
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Range of services

  • injectors are the most complex elements of the system and those which the most often
  • disconnecting the ground cable from the battery
  • removing some engine elements, including the camshafts
  • replacing the injectors
  • changing the fuel filter
  • flushing the hoses *checking the fuel tank for contaminants

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