Exhaust manifold gasket replacement

Exhaust manifold gasket replacement
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The exhaust manifold is that part of the exhaust system which removes fumes from the cylinders. The joint between the manifold and the engine block is made tight by means of a gasket. If the gasket fails the engine is much louder than normally, e.g. you can hear blow-bys. In extreme cases, it will produce smoke or even fire.

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  • noisy engine operation may result from leaks in the exhaust manifold
  • changing the manifold gasket regularly will ensure quiet and efficient operation of the exhaust system
  • the gasket is not very expensive, so it is a good idea to replace it regularly in order to prevent major malfunctions
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Range of services

  • removing the engine cover and those elements of the engine which obstruct access to the exhaust manifold
  • removing the exhaust manifold
  • checking the contact point between the manifold and the cylinder head
  • if its surface is rugged, it must be polished. Otherwise the manifold must be changed
  • fitting a new gasket in
  • fitting the manifold and the other engine elements in

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