Exhaust centre pipe replacement

Exhaust centre pipe replacement
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The middle silencer has similar functions as the end silencer (reducing the engine noise, purifying the fumes). However, it is also responsible for reducing high-frequency vibrations, thus protecting the exhaust system from the resonance effect at higher RPM. Moisture, salt and mechanical damage significantly reduce the useful life of the silencer.

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  • when changing the silencer don't forget to change its mountings too
  • after replacing the silencer you may smell a slight burning smell coming out of it
  • have the exhaust system inspected during each periodical check-up
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Range of services

  • disconnecting the middle silencer from the neighbouring elements of the exhaust system *checking the joints for damages
  • removing the middle silencer
  • fitting new mountings in
  • fitting a new silencer in
  • connecting it to the exhaust system

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