Exhaust muffler replacement

Exhaust muffler replacement
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The end-most component of the exhaust system is responsible primarily for reducing the noise coming out of the engine. In addition, the end silencer purifies the fumes of any contaminants not removed by the catalyst and maintains the manifold pressure. The high temperature inside the silencer may cause its components to burn out, while the moisture and road salt may cause it to corrode or leak.

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  • the end silencer should be changed when the exhaust system is cool
  • when changing the silencer don't forget to have its mountings changed too
  • have the exhaust system inspected during each periodical check-up
  • a new silencer may produce a slight burning smell immediately after being fitted in
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Range of services

  • disconnecting the end silencer from the neighbouring elements of the exhaust system
  • checking the joints for corrosion
  • detaching the silencer from its rubber mountings
  • fitting new mountings in
  • fitting a new silencer in
  • connecting it to the other components of the exhaust system by means of new braces

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