Muffler hanger repair

Muffler hanger repair
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The exhaust system is exposed to vibrations transmitted from the engine and caused by uneven road surface. Therefore, it must be mounted properly to the chassis. In the case of most cars silencers are mounted by means of rubber hangers which effectively damp all vibrations and protect the exhaust system elements from bouncing against the chassis. You should make sure that they are in a good condition keeping in mind that they are cheap, significantly improve the comfort of driving and protect the entire exhaust system.

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  • have all rubber hangers replaced at the same time
  • have their condition checked every 2-3 years as this is how long they keep their parameters
  • changing the hangers is cheap. When, however, a hanger breaks, it may cause damage to the exhaust system
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Range of services

  • Removing brittle and stretched hangers;
  • Lubricating the surface on which new hangers are to be fitted;
  • fitting new hangers in

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