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            An automatic transmission is the second most expensive and technologically advanced element of a car next to the engine. You should remember to remove the used fluid from it and replace it with a new one of appropriate parameters. Neglecting or postponing an automatic transmission fluid and filter change may result in serious consequences and costly repairs. Changing an automatic transmission fluid requires special conditions and tools, hence he best thing to do is to have it done during comprehensive check-ups as recommended by the manufacturer. Find out more about the service



            +40 727 *** *** ***

            Service-ul MAR GENERAL GRUP  a luat fiinta la cererea expresa a clientilor , pentru a satisface cele mai exigente cerinte din domeniul auto din Craiova . Conceptul acestui service a fost dezvoltat urmarind dorinta clientului de a se adresa unui service care sa ofere o gama variata de servicii de calitate si produse , detinand o componenta tehnica ridicata pentru diagnoza , reparatia si intretinerea autoturismelor.

            Situat la iesire din Craiova  ( E70 Craiova – Caracal ) in imediata apropiere a fabricii FORD ROMANIA cu o suprafata construita de 1200 mp  , conceptul MAR GENERAL GRUP ofera clientilor servicii complete de mecanica , tinichigerie , vopsitorie .

            Service-ul nostru are in dotare :

            ·         4 posturi de mecanica

            ·         un stand de geometrie 3D

            ·         statie ITP

            ·         4 posturi de pregatire pentru vopsitorie

            ·         cabina vopsit

            ·         3 posturi de tinichigerie

            ·         post de echipare – dezechipare

            ·         post de electrica

            ·         doua aparate pentru diagnosticare computerizata

            ·         aparat pentru verificarea si incarcarea instalatiei de climatizare cu freon

            Service-ul dispune totodata de personal pregatit si specializat pentru fiecare din serviciile pe care le ofera.Deoarece suntem un service auto multimarca , clientii pot urmarii procesul de reparatie al autoturismelor din incinta special amenajata pentru acestia(sala asteptare) service-ul fiind dotat si cu , camere de supraveghere video. Service-ul dispune de spatii special amenajate pentru firmele de asigurari de o parcare proprie de 4000 mp. Pentru a venii si mai mult in sprijinul clientilor si pentru a-si diversifica serviciile incepand cu anul 2013 service-ul MAR GENERAL GRUP  face parte din reteaua BOSCH CAR SERVICE .

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            • Automatic transmission oil change
              from100,00 RON


            Bulevardul Timișoara 104b, Sector 6, 061334 București

            +40 752 *** *** ***

            AUTOSERV MARC

            Uiorii nr. 1267 Sat Unirea, Comuna Unirea, 517785 Ocna Mures

            +40 741 *** *** ***
            Preview from the price list
            • Automatic transmission oil change
              from700,00 RON
            Preview from the price list
            • Automatic transmission oil change
              from250,00 RON

            SC DAVID CAR SRL

            Vlaha, 407513 SAT VLAHA - CLUJ-NAPOCA

            +40 744 *** *** ***
            Preview from the price list
            • Automatic transmission oil change
              from450,00 RON
            Preview from the price list
            • Automatic transmission oil change
              from400,00 RON

            AUTO INU SERVICE

            Strada Ion Vlad 11, Sector 2, 022411 București

            +40 767 *** *** ***
            Preview from the price list
            • Automatic transmission oil change
              from200,00 RON
            Preview from the price list
            • Automatic transmission oil change
              from50,00 RON

            Automatic transmission oil change


            • The very first fluid and filter change should be performed after 100 thousand kilometres, and then after each next 30 thousand kilometres.
            • Always buy the fluid recommended by the manufacturer
            • Changing the transmission fluid should always be accompanied by changing the filter and the fluid pan seal
            • A frequent cause of transmission fluid leaks is a worn filter or seal.

            Scope of services

            • Unscrewing the drain plug
            • Removing the fluid from the transmission
            • Replacing the drain plug seal and screwing the plug back in place with appropriate force
            • Refilling the transmission with an appropriate amount of new oil

            Service Description

            What is the role an automatic transmission fluid?

            An automatic transmission is a hydraulically-controlled gearbox requiring special fluid for its operation. The role of the fluid is to lubricate the internal, moving parts of the transmission, as well to transmit the power from the engine to the gearbox. The fluid ensures execution of the selected gearbox mode (forward, reverse, park, etc.) and gear change while driving.

            How is the fluid changed?

            It is important that an automatic transmission fluid be of the right class and that it be clean. Small contaminants, such as metal chips and other particulates get into the fluid while an automatic transmission is in operation. Not all of them are blocked by the filter.

            With time, the fluid becomes contaminated and requires changing. This is done by unscrewing and removing the transmission fluid pan, removing the fluid contained in it, and, following screwing the pan back into place, pouring new fluid in. A good idea is to check the seal of the pan for potential leaks and change it, if necessary. Frequently, a new seal comes with the fluid filter set, as the filter requires changing together with the fluid.

            After pouring in a new fluid of the classification suitable for a given car, and after checking its level, a test drive must be performed in order to check if the transmission operates properly and ensure that it is free from any leaks. After the test drive the fluid level should be checked again.

            What to keep in mind

            A failure to change the fluid may result in wrong operation of the transmission, resulting in gears being switched in the wrong moment or not being switched at all.

            In extreme cases, the transmission may be damaged altogether. ATF or Automatic Transmission Fluid should be changed every 30 or 60 thousand kilometres. Some manufacturers recommend first change after as many as 100 thousand kilometres."


            What is the average cost of providing Automatic transmission oil change in car workshops?

            The cost of Automatic transmission oil change ranges from 50.00 RON to 700.00 RON. The average cost of Automatic transmission oil change is 230.19 RON. Remember that the final price of the service is influenced by many factors, including car brand and model, the level of complexity of activities and the location of components that require replacement or repair. Therefore, a set of spare parts should be added to the total price of the service Automatic transmission oil change. You will know the cost of purchasing a part when arranging the service Automatic transmission oil change in the selected workshop.

            What is the scope of the service Automatic transmission oil change?

            The Automatic transmission oil change service consists of the following activities:
            • Desurubarea busonului de scurgere
            • Indepartarea uleiului din cutie
            • Inlocuirea garniturii busonului si insurubarea acestuia la loc la cuplu
            • Reumplerea transmisiei cu o cantitate adecvata de ulei nou

            What should I know, and what are the recommendations for Automatic transmission oil change?

            While doing Automatic transmission oil change service, keep the following in mind:
            • Primele schimbari de ulei si filtru de ulei trebuie efectuate dupa 100 de mii de kilometri, apoi dupa fiecare 30 de mii de kilometri.
            • Cumparati intotdeauna uleiul recomandat de producator
            • Schimbarea uleiului de transmisie trebuie sa fie intotdeauna insotita de schimbarea filtrului si a garniturii baii de ulei
            • O cauza frecventa a scurgerilor de ulei din cutia poate fi un filtru vechi sau o garnitura uzata.

            What car workshop networks offer Automatic transmission oil change?

            Car workshop networks that offer Automatic transmission oil change are: Q-Service

            Are there car workshops that offer the possibility of online booking for the service Automatic transmission oil change?

            You can choose one of the 98 car workshops offering the service of Automatic transmission oil change, for which you will arrange the service via the online form. After submitting the form, the selected car workshop will contact you and set the details and date.

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