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            Engine decarbonization is a process of "inhaling" engines with hydrogen that can be performed on almost all SUS engines regardless of fuel type, volume, and method of injection. The goal is to get the accumulated soot out of the engine. The result of the treatment depends on the amount of soot deposited in the engine parts before the treatment. Decarbonization is not the chipping of an engine or its modification. Find out more about the service

            Car engine decarbonization


            • Best done after the first 30,000 km
            • Removes accumulated soot from the engine
            • Reduces harmful exhaust fumes
            • Restores lost performance to the engine
            • Increases engine efficiency
            • Provides quieter idle operation
            • Delays overhaul/replacement of engine parts

            Scope of services

            • For passenger cars, the process takes 30 to 60 minutes
            • The machine electrolyzes water to produce HHO gas and delivers it to the vehicle via a hose
            • The hose is connected to the engine air intake
            • The gas coming from the hose enriches the combustion mixture with hydrogen which binds the carbon-soot to itself in the particles, and naturally expels the soot through the exhaust system to the outside
            • The whole process is very simple and does not require complicated engine disassembly
            • No need to change oil and filters after decarbonization

            Service Description

            The decarbonization process can be done on both diesel and gasoline engines. It is also possible to work on cars with built-in gas, but also on vehicles with mechanical diesel pumps.

            It is recommended to perform this treatment in order to refresh the engine and get rid of accumulated deposits. The treatment can be repeated whenever you want but for the best performance, it would be ideal to do it every year. Removal of deposits does not reduce the compression in the car nor will it negatively affect the nozzles.


            What is the average cost of providing Car engine decarbonization in car workshops?

            The cost of Car engine decarbonization ranges from 0 RON to 0 RON. The average cost of Car engine decarbonization is 0 RON. Remember that the final price of the service is influenced by many factors, including car brand and model, the level of complexity of activities and the location of components that require replacement or repair. Therefore, a set of spare parts should be added to the total price of the service Car engine decarbonization. You will know the cost of purchasing a part when arranging the service Car engine decarbonization in the selected workshop.

            What is the scope of the service Car engine decarbonization?

            The Car engine decarbonization service consists of the following activities:
            • Pentru autoturisme, procesul durează între 30 și 60 de minute
            • Masina electrolizează apă pentru a produce gaz HHO și o livrează vehiculului printr-un furtun
            • Furtunul este conectat la admisia de aer a motorului
            • Gazul care vine din furtun îmbogățește amestecul de ardere cu hidrogen care leagă funinginea de carbon de sine în particule și expulzează în mod natural funinginea prin sistemul de evacuare spre exterior
            • Întregul proces este foarte simplu și nu necesită dezasamblarea complicată a motorului
            • Nu este nevoie să schimbați uleiul și filtrele după decarbonizare

            What should I know, and what are the recommendations for Car engine decarbonization?

            While doing Car engine decarbonization service, keep the following in mind:
            • Cel mai bine este sa fie realizat după primii 30.000 km
            • Îndepărtează funinginea acumulată de la motor
            • Reduce fumurile nocive de evacuare
            • Restabilește performanța pierdută a motorului
            • Crește eficiența motorului
            • Oferă o funcționare inactivă mai silențioasă
            • Întârzie revizia / înlocuirea pieselor motorului

            What car workshop networks offer Car engine decarbonization?

            Car workshop networks that offer Car engine decarbonization are: Q-Service

            Are there car workshops that offer the possibility of online booking for the service Car engine decarbonization?

            You can choose one of the 2 car workshops offering the service of Car engine decarbonization, for which you will arrange the service via the online form. After submitting the form, the selected car workshop will contact you and set the details and date.

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