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Web-based promotion and advertisement of a car workshop

Motointegrator is an intuitive search engine for car worshops and automotive services, as well as innovative tool for promotion and company-client communication, dedicated for your business.


This is what customers expect

Drivers want to quickly and effortlessly book a visit in a reliable car workshop. They expect independent recommendations and choose services endorsed by other customers.

With Motointegrator, they can in few simple steps book a visit online or with help of our consultants.

By verifying car workshops’ reviews published in Motointegrator, users are assured that they are choosing a right service for their vehicle.

Offering advertising for a car workshop
– is what distinguishes us

By signing up your car workshop in Motointegrator, you get an innovative, easy-to-use and visually attractive tool for promoting your offer and to communicate with your customers!

Free of charge

Free of charge

Motointegrator is available for free for every car workshop in Poland!
We give you all of the benefits completely free of charge

The biggest database of repair shops

Motointegrator is open for all the car workshops in Europe. Our goal is to become the biggest web directory of car workshops in Europe, and soon, also in the world. 

We’re available on every device

Did you know that over half of users searching for services on the web use mobile devices - smartphones and tablets? That’s why our website works just as fine on your computer as on all your mobile devices without any need to install a separate application.

More than a workshop’s showcase

Motointegrator is a lot more than a simple business card containing contact details. Each service can showcase itself on a dedicated, modernly designed and visually appealing site. You can put there all the information that your customers might be interested in – scope of services, specialties, price list or current promotions.

Position the search results in Google

Every day we are visited by thousands of users, and thanks to the great traffic on our platform, your site is also beneficial. The more visits at Motointegrator, the higher the car workshop appears in search results. The growing popularity of the site converts into opportunity to reach new customers.

Innovative promotion tool

A part of each car workshop’s site is a module designed to communicate promotions and time-limited offers. You decide with what kind of offer you want to reach the customer and you will add them in a simple way. You can also join the promotional activities customized by Motointegrator.

Visits booked online

In Motointegrator you don’t have to pay for the feature of online visit bookings. Users can schedule a visit in your car workshop via the web or get help from our consultants.

A source of reliable reviews

By collecting positive feedback from satisfied customers, you are building a reliable image of the car workshop. We are committed to publish only true ratings and make every effort to verify their credibility. This means that false reviews – ones regarding visits that did not take place will be removed by the moderator.

Support of consultants

You can count on our support.
Motointegrator’s consultants operate the track of every online appointment - they contact the customer, complete the information and confirm the date of the visit. We also offer the support of our moderators over the process of collecting and publishing reviews.

Easy to use shop’s dashboard

All Motointegrator functions can be quickly and easily managed by the administration dashboard. We designed it in a way you can intuitively, step-by-step, update your data and inform customers about the offer and promotional campaigns.

Promote your car workshop

We work for your benefit - drivers look up for information at our site ande then they are being redirected straight to your car workshop. We offer you a simple tool od promotion and communication with your customers, as to help you using 100 % of your workshops' potential.

At Motointegrator you get an effective form of advertising your business, without spending a buck!

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