Car workshops that offer the service ABS sensor replacement

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            Autoservis Tonko

            Ulica Ive Andrića, Sesvete, 10360 Sesvete

            +385 91 *** *** ***
            1 Review

            MM-AS AUTOSERVIS

            ul.doktora Franje Tuđmana 35Novaki, Sveta Nedelja, 10437 Bestovje

            +385 95 *** *** ***
            2 Reviews

            Auto kuća Kong d.o.o.

            Vrpoljačka cesta 25A, 22000 Šibenik

            +385 22 *** *** ***


            Stobrečka 2B, Duilovo, 21000 Split

            +385 98 *** *** ***
            3 Reviews

            AUTO DRAGO

            H.V. Hrvatinića 85, Vinkovci, 32100 Vinkovci

            +385 32 *** *** ***
            1 Review

            PERAK AUTO

            Andrije Hebranga 2a, Dubrovnik, 20000 Dubrovnik

            +385 20 *** *** ***

            ABS sensor replacement

            ABS sensors are fitted at each wheel. They measure the rotational speed of the wheels and transfer the respective data to the ABS control unit. If any differences are detected, the ABS system is activated. An ABS system sensor failure may be caused by a mechanical damage or a malfunction of the control unit. The damage is signalled by the ABS warning light or wrong operation of the system during braking.

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