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Use 100% of the potential of your car workshop

Are you running a car workshop and looking for new growth opportunities?

Motointegrator is a set of tools that will help you to promote effectively your car workshop's offer on the internet.
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We have what your clients need

We examined what drivers pay attention to when looking for a garage. The answer to these needs is Motointegrator - a search engine for automotive services and services and a tool thanks to which, as a garage, you can promote your services on the Internet.
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Your workshop on the Internet
You don't have to invest in your own website and its maintenance. Customers will find all the necessary information about your workshop. Thanks to Motointegrator Premium you will ensure better visibility and positioning in the service.
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Manage your website
You can easily manage your workshop website in the Workshop Area. You can easily update their information about the offer of your website and check your statistics - you will find out how many people visit your website and display the telephone number to your workshop.
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Show your clients what you specialize in
The second most important factor determining the choice of a garage is specialization in a given car brand - this answer is indicated by 18.6% of respondents
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Present a list of services with a price list
16% of drivers declared that they would like to see the pricing of the service when choosing a garage. According to the research carried out, at the stage of choosing a workshop, users would like to see indicative prices of services - detailed information is provided after making an appointment.
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Show that you are a specialist
You will be able to add photos from your warstore, as well as certificates and an extended description of your activity. The completed pages of the workshop are more reliable according to drivers.
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Opinions of other users
Invariably, the most important factor influencing the choice of a workshop is the opinions of friends and family as well as those found on the Internet. In Motointegrator, drivers have the option of sorting workshops according to the opinion criterion.
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Online booking visit
Drivers want to arrange a service quickly and efficiently in a good garage. Thanks to Motointegrator, they can arrange a visit via the Internet in a few simple steps or contact the selected service on their own.
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Opportunity to participate in Motointegrator and partner campaigns
Discounts and special offers are also important for the respondents - they are on the 3rd most popular amenities offered by the workshop. In Motointegrator, each garage can communicate its promotional and seasonal offer. You decide with what content you want to reach the customer, and you can easily add
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Get closer to your customers
Your customers on our website can register in the free Driver Zone - add information about their car and use the online service book, receive notifications about important dates related to the car, and gain access to discounts and special offers.

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