Brake system repair

Brake system repair

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The braking system is one of the most important components of each vehicle, as it is responsible for your safety. The braking system is comprised of the main brake (pedal) and the parking brake (hand brake). When you press the brake pedal with your foot, it generates pressure which is transmitted by means of brake hoses to the brake callipers/pistons, which exert pressure on the discs/drums. This pressure causes the car to decelerate or stop. The parking brake operates through a system of cables controlled by means of a lever (which you pull with your hand) or an electric motor. The handbrake pull is transformed into the braking force of the wheels.


  • Always replace your braking system components when due
  • Do not overheat your brakes - if you're into a dynamic style of driving, buy only branded products
  • Exchange the braking fluid when due, i.e. every 60 thousand kilometres

Scope of services

  • Visual inspection of the brake hoses, both the steel and flexible ones
  • Measuring the thickness of the brake pad and brake disc lining, as well as the thickness of the discs and the diameter of the drums
  • Checking if the brake pistons (inside the callipers and cylinders) operate properly
  • Adding or exchanging the brake fluid
  • Venting the braking system

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