Air conditioning heat exchanger replacement

Air conditioning heat exchanger replacement

The AC radiator, also called the condenser, removes heat from the cooling agent, which reaches it in the form of gas. The condenser is usually made of delicate aluminium ribs. Its delicate structure is vulnerable to bending and other mechanical damage and corrosion. This is very important as the AC radiator is usually located on the external side of the engine radiator and is particularly exposed to mud and dust. If the AC radiator fails, the cooling agent cannot be condensed back to the liquid form. The most common cause of the AC failure are leaks or excess lubricant.


  • When changing the AC radiator, make sure that you have all the seals and gasket replaced as well
  • If the radiator suffers mechanical damage, it should be replaced with a new one

Scope of services

  • Locating and removing the condenser
  • Checking the condenser for leaks
  • Fitting a new evaporator in

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