Heater resistor replacement

Heater resistor replacement

The heater fan resistor is that element of the electrical system which allows you to adjust the fan motor power. You can control the fan power by means of a switch, knob or slider. If one or more circuits of the resistor breaks down, the fan won't work properly.


  • Never ignore a faulty fan, as it may be a symptom of a damage to one of the elements of the engine cooling system
  • If the fan is unable to operate at its full speed range, the consequences may be very serious
  • The heater resistor is nor repairable and requires replacing if damaged
  • A wrong replacement for the resistor may cause overheating, melting of the ventilation system channels or the fan housing

Scope of services

  • Disconnecting the negative battery terminal
  • Identifying the resistor location
  • Disconnecting the power block
  • Removing the resistor
  • Fitting a new resistor in
  • Reconnecting the electrical cables
  • Reconnecting the battery terminal

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